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Bronze Match Day Football Index

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Football Index is growing in traction. It’s the first exchange where you are able to buy and sell football players. 

Silver Match Day Football Index

Team of the Month


FUT Style

Just like FUT, you can earn extra payouts if your players finishes in the Team of the Month.

Gold Match Day Football Index




Earn dividend payouts for on the pitch performances, aswell as a Media payout.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is the only platform where you can purchase and sell shares in football players for a profit. There are numerous ways to play Football Index, with dividends being a fan favourite. All players are priced differently, due to their chance of winning dividends, but also due to their current and future potential.

You can win Performance, Media & In-Play Dividends & there’s a dividend to be won every single day.

It’s a real money market, where users deposit their own cash to play. It’s regulated by the Gambling Commission & although it’s relatively new, it’s becoming a very popular gambling product.

European Leagues

You can purchase players from the European Leagues

Watch List

If you've spotted a player who looks good, but isn't quite 'there' yet, add him to your Watch List to monitor him


If you need any help with Football Index, their support lines are very helpful. I'm also on hand to assist with your queries!

Build Your Portfolio

There's no limit to how many shares you can own. If you've spotted a talent, Buy!

Performance Stats

Use the Statistics provided by Football Index to see if your player is a good performer

A Bookmaker Beater

There's already lots of traders who refuse to place bets with bookies, after seeing how good Football Index is!

Code FIA for New customers only. Min. deposit £20. Max. refund of up to £500 to be claimed within 7 days of first deposit. Offer runs from 01/06/20 until 30/06/20. 18+ only. Account required. UK only. Additional T&Cs apply


Playing Football Index

Playing Football Index is fantastic. It reminds us of Football Manager, but with the chance to apply our football knowledge on the Stock Market.

I used to Trade on Betfair, but the markets were too confusing. With Football Index, I can simply use my knowledge of Football Players and win dividends.
The Football Trader

Eye for Potential?

If you have spotted the next Lionel Messi, you can be rewarded on Football Index.

Team of the Month

Extra dividend payouts are available if your player features in Team of the Month

Media Dividends

Football Index offer a dividend for the most talked about player each day. Time for Research!

Match Day Extra

What's your Football Knowledge Worth?

Have you spotted the next star? Have you found a player which is putting in fantastic performance buzz scores but not getting the rise he deserves?

Or have you heard of a Transfer Rumour, which could dominate the headlines? There’s multiple ways to play Football Index. 

Come & see what Football Index is all about, using the £500 Risk Free Promotion when you deposit £20.

Simply use code FIA and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Football Trader!


Multiple Ways to Profit

Football Index is growing rapidly as a company, due to it’s uniqueness & how fun the platform is. There are multiple ways to profit from Football Index.

Earning Dividends on Football Index isn’t that difficult. Using statistics and research, you can find out which players are best at earning each dividend. 

Build a Winning Portfolio

It’s important to diversify on Football Index, so that you can earn all types of dividends. At FIA, we like to win little and often, instead of putting all of our hopes on a big score. 

Football Index is growing at a rapid rate, due to it’s uniqueness. Instead of wasting £20 on an acca, people are opting to build a portfolio and become traders thanks to the Long Term Bet at Football Index.


Know Your Youth Players?

If you know the next youth player that might be making a huge transfer, you can put your knowledge to the test. Found the next Rooney?

Build Your Portfolio Now! Enter Code FIA


How to Play Football Index

Register to Play

You need an account to play Football Index. Why not take advantage of the Risk Free £500 Promotion, when you use code FIA on the sign up form.

Build Your Portfolio

After Registering, it’s time to play. You can scour the market and look for bargains, or buy proven elite talent which earn consistent dividends.

Buy Players

Buy Shares from Other Traders, using the Matching Engine, where you will be able to place bids at a discounted price. Place your bids!

Earn Dividends

Earn Dividends. You can choose to withdraw these, or continue compounding them which will earn more dividends over time.


My Advice for Beginners

  1. Dividends are vital on Football Index. They’re a huge part of why players increase in price, and the highest priced players should be the regular dividend winners.
  2. Media Buzz is available every single day. A Portfolio focusing on daily dividends will yield results.
  3. Players with high averages stand the best chance of winning regular dividends. You also can’t ignore their peak scores.
  4. Although Youth Players won’t yield much in the short term, they are the future potential stars of the platform.
  5. Team of the Month Payouts are huge, rewarding player performance over the course of a month. Reap the rewards.
  6. Further your game by reading the best football index tips.


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