Marco Verratti

A Powerhouse in a Poor League.
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Verratti should be a fantastic hold in your Football Index portfolio. He’s only played one game for PSG this season and received a red card, so is currently suspended. His performance buzz scores before he got sent off were astronomical, he was sure to win the buzz.

Based on last seasons statistics, he will be a big winner of the midfielder performance buzz, he also features on the top 15 players with the highest points per game. This is actually quite shocking, as he doesn’t score many goals… but more importantly because he doesn’t always complete 90 mins as he gets substituted off!

This is my only concern, ideally we all want players which play the full 90 minutes so that they can obtain the maximum Performance Buzz scores as physically possible. As he plays for PSG in a poor league, they often take their best players off to rest for the next games.

That being said, his performance buzz scores are so high that I think he can score more points in 70 minutes than some Premier League stars can score in 2 whole matches!

Great In a Poor League

Verratti is a fantastic player, who rarely faces opposition which challenges him.

Buzz Magnet

Due to his ability, he passes the ball around without competition, racking up lots of buzz points.

Great Potential

Verratti is a great player, but he’s nowhere near the top of his game yet. At 24, he has plenty left to offer.

Transfer to a Better League?

Barcelona is my tip, with Iniesta and Xavi vacating the central midfield roles, he looks a sure fit.

Reasons to Buy Verratti

Verratti is the main man in the build up play for PSG.

He sits in the anchor man position, winning the ball and cleaning things up for PSG, before setting Neymar & Mbappe off with a long pass! It has to be said, with Neymar, Cavani, Mbappe, Di Maria, Lucas & Draxler as potential options in attack, Verratti will score many assists, as they take their chances in front of goal!

During the first few weeks of Performance Buzz, traders have noticed how important passes are. If you can find a player, like Verratti, who passes lots during a game, you will notice he will be sitting towards the top of the buzz scores most weeks.

The only place he may struggle is against bigger teams in the Champions League. PSG seem to have adopted a counter attack approach, which saw them demolish Bayern Munich. Counter attacking isn’t dependent on placing many passes, which is where his scores may differ.

Potential Reasons to Avoid Verratti

The thing to be wary of with Verratti is his tendency to be rested! It’s not often, but it has the potential to cause you issues if he doesn’t complete games.This won’t make performance buzz impossible, as he’s not always being subbed off. It will however annoy traders who hold this player when it does occur.

He also has a bit of a temper on him, call it the Inner-Italian, which can lead to him picking up cards.

He is a fantastic player and should earn you many dividends during the season, but he gives you a kind of feeling where you aren’t sure which Verratti will turn up! Maybe as he matures, he will gain consistency.

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Verratti shows lots of promise, most PSG players do!

He’s definitely the best midfielder in the French league, another benefit currently is that he’s the only tradeable PSG central midfielder, meaning his teammates aren’t competing with him on football index.

The thing to watch with Marco, is that he’s got the Italian fiery side, he can get hot-headed and sometimes gets a card or two!

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