Football Index Review

Football Index Review

Buy & Sell Football Players on the Football Stock Market
Football Index Review

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Football Index is nowhere near it’s peak. Accumulators are fun for 90 minutes, but a bet on Football Index lasts for 3 years!
Tom P
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Football Index is the worlds first football stock market, offering a completely new way to trade.

Instead of buying shares in businesses, you buy ‘stock’ in Football Players around the globe.

As it’s a new product (recently turned 4 years old), I have decided to write this Football Index Review to help you understand exactly what the football stockmarket is.

The price of players are controlled by other traders, if a player is in demand, he will be surging in price.

If traders are selling a player, he would fall in price. There are reasons why a player would rise or fall in price, of which I will explain a little further down.

Just like shares, dividends will be paid out for players that are successful. To be successful they must perform well, either ON, or OFF the pitch.

To be successful at Forex trading you need to either be ‘in the know’, or take a couple of gambles.

However, with Football Index, you can make money with your knowledge of football! It’s a must for any football fan.

Most Recent Update: New Customers for Football Index can obtain £500 Risk Free Trading.

My Football Index Review Results

Free Trial Available?Yes, Via this link
Money Back Guarantee?7 Day Full Guarantee
First Year Profit£19,500 (60% ROI)
Overall Rating5/5
Still Profitable?It's Never too late.
Bookmaker Beater?100%

Registering At Football Index

Before you can snap up your wonderkids, you need to sign up for an account. If you have gambled before, you’ll notice it works just like those sites.

If you haven’t gambled before, that’s also ok, it’s just a simple Registration Form.

The great thing about being a new customer is the Special Sign Up Offers.

Football Index are currently offering £500 to be traded Risk Free, for new customers. This gives you the potential to make a healthy profit!

If you don’t make a profit? Get a simple cash refund.

You need to deposit a minimum of £10, but I would advise you to make the most out of the £500 Offer as physically possible!

If you deposit £10 and your portfolio increases by 50%, that’s only £5 profit!

If you deposit £500 and your portfolio increases by 50%, that’s £250 profit!

All with zero risk too!

Once you have registered and deposited funds, you are now able to access the platform & build a portfolio.

Playing Football Index (How to Play)

Players are known as futures on Football Index. You have to play with real money, there’s no option to play with Demo Funds. It’s very easy to deposit, but buying a player is even easier!

Finding a Player to Purchase

The first stage is undoubtedly the most compelling stage of purchasing a player. There’s only one thing I prefer, that’s seeing the player make a strong profit!

At this stage, you will be researching and deciding which player is the best for your portfolio.

The main question you want to ask yourself is: Why are you buying this player?

Don’t just buy a player for the sake of it, you need to make a well informed decision, don’t trade out of boredom, or feel like you must force a trade.

I have added an image of the Football Index search results, I have narrowed down my sights to Josh Tymon. Youth with potential, £0.36.

How to buy a player Football Index

He’s very low priced, but this is due to the fact that he’s a youth player, not yet an establised first team player.

It’s worth noting that when buying youth players, they won’t be increasing by £1-2 overnight, they will be long term holds which may take a while to blossom

Perform some Analysis

Before jumping in and buying the player, take your time to finalise your research. Make sure you have a good feeling about the trade, as this is something which in the past has led to me selling a trade too soon.

Fortunately, Football Index has some great tools (and even more on the way!), which allow us an insight into the history of our new potential signing.

All that you need to do, is click on a players name, in this case it’s Josh Tymon still.

You get valuable info, such as Playing Position, Club etc.

However, it’s the trading chart which we want to see. What is your chosen players Price Trend? Is he currently trading at an all time high? (This is something I like to avoid)

In this instance, Tymon was introduced to the market at a price which is very close to his IPO. He’s actually around 2p above his IPO, meaning minimal risk.

Be sure to check out the trading graph of your prospective player, it can be really useful!

Complete Your Purchase

Let’s do it! We are going to buy our player!

When you click the buy button, you will be taken to the ‘order screen’. This is a screen which pops up asking you how many shares you would like to buy.

Buying Player on Football Index

I have selected to buy 4 shares in Tymon, not my heaviest trade it’s safe to say!

This screen is quite handy, if you press BUY MAX, it will allocate you as many shares as you can afford.

Alternatively, use the Plus or Minus icons to increase or decrease the number of shares.

Confirm the amount of shares is correct and press buy.

Congratulations! You are now a Football Index trader. It’s as easy as that!

Monitor Your Portfolio

The final step is to watch your player flourish, for this you will need to access your portfolio.

Simply click portfolio the top of the page, which will then show you all of the players you have stakes in.

It’s a handy screen, which gives you a great overview with a single glance.

You can see the Player, number of shares, Price Purchased, Current Price, Profit & Current Sell Prices.

Viewing your portfolio on Football Index

Time to sit back, put the kettle on and let your portfolio mature!

Think about Diversifying

There are many different strategies to Implement on Football Index. You aren’t tied down to one, the best traders can trade all methods!

Flip Trades

This is the fastest way to turn a profit. Buy Low, Sell High.

Media Buzz Portfolio. 

Obtain a portfolio which is full of players who are in the Headlines. Neymar, Harry Kane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and so on.

Performance Buzz Portfolio.

 Obtain a portfolio full of the best performers. Neymar, Parejo, Otamendi, Fekir and so on.


 Purchase young players for cheap, who will then become the next stars. Similar to flipping, but very long term holds.

Come and Try Football Index!

How Can I make profit from my Portfolio?

There are various ways to make money from your Football Index Portfolio. This Football Index review covers the basic terms, but you can read the in depth guide here

The Ways to make money are through Capital Appreciation, In Play Dividends, Match Day Dividends & Media Dividends. The best way to make money is to gear up a portfolio which can get you all of the above!

So let’s take a little tour into the above terms.

Capital Appreciation (Price Increases)

This is the increase in price of any assets that you hold (in this case a player on the platform). If you purchase a player that’s £1.70, and he rises to £2.00, you have £0.30 of capital appreciation. If you aren’t sure how a players price increases, check out that guide.

The likelihood is that your players price will increase because he is winning dividends, so it’s likely that Capital Appreciation is tied into either Match Day or Media Buzz.
There are also a few other examples such as wonderkids breaking onto the football scene, but these are less common.

In Play Dividends

In-Play Dividends are paid out when your player performs a certain action during a Football Match. The Payouts are:

– £0.01p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder

– £0.02p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper

– £0.01p per Assist by any position

–  £0.01p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game

These payouts are valid for the first 30 days ownership of the share you purchased.

Match Day Dividends

Match Day Dividends are awarded to the Top Players on any Match Day. If there’s a game being played Internationally, or from the Top 5 Leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 or Serie A). Recently, Football Index have also included Champions League & Europa League in the Match Day Payout.

Football Index take Data from Opta, who are the most reputable Sports Analysis & Data tool for professional sports. They take this data and convert it into ‘points’, which the top scoring player will then win Dividends.

A Payout is given to the best Defender, Midfielder & Forward. The Overall top scoring player is then given an additional dividend, meaning there’s 4 types of Match Day Dividend to earn on any game day.

Here’s the scoring table.

Football Index Review Match Day Scoring Table

Media Dividends

When I first started Football Index, I found Media Buzz Bizarre, but it’s become one of my most favourite types of dividend due to the predictability.

For every newspaper column you player receives, he will score points towards his final ‘Media Buzz Score’. This is a dividend which is paid out every single day, including Match Days. Football Index scrape news stories for every single player on the platform, using the following news sources;

Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Express, The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC Sport, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

Unlike the In-Play Dividends, Match Day Dividends and Media Dividends will be paid out for the duration that you have that player in your portfolio.

Football Index Review Payouts

Is Football Index gambling or Investing?

Football Index is a licensed gambling product, which I have tried & tested using the scam tester.

It’s part of the reason I decided to write this Football Index Review, as less known products are automatically judged to be a scam, which I can confirm this isn’t.

I would classify Football Index as a gambling product, but one which is much safer than using a traditional bookmaker. Why?

When you place a bet with a bookmaker, if your outcome doesn’t happen immediately, for example Mohamed Salah scores first, your bet will expire and your full stake is lost.

On Football Index, if you own Mohamed Salah at £4.50 a share but he doesn’t perform well for a few games, his price may drop. From my experience he wouldn’t drop anymore than 10%, meaning you still have £4.05 of your stake left in Salah.

Aswell as this, you get to hold Salah in your portfolio for 3 years, so you can simply wait for his form to bounce back.

I must stress though it is a gambling product, which is in it’s infancy. As the platform grows, player prices will also grow.

I’ve seen Neymar grow from £1.95, all the way to £7 as the platform expands. I have lost money on trades, I am sure every trader will. You can’t win them all!

Final Thoughts

I have been gambling online for around 8 years, but I’m really not sure how Football Index didn’t exist before.

It’s a revolutionary product which enables users of all backgrounds to get involved and make some money. If you don’t have a huge bankroll, there are players which are earning dividends from just £0.30!

If you only gamble for the excitement factor, I think that the Match Day Rankings are as exhilarating as an accumulator, although the returns aren’t the same.

If you fancy yourself as a Youth Talent Scout, or like playing Football Manager, this is your way to make money from your knowledge of future stars.

My final bit of advice before the FAQ Recap is to Register at Football Index. They have created a special promotion to get all new joiners familiar with the website.

You can claim any losses up to £500 back, in your first 7 days of trading on the platform. Get yourself started, throw anywhere up to £500 in and test the waters.

I hope you have enjoyed my Football Index Review & I will ensure to keep you updated with the latest changes and updates to the platform at the bottom of this page.

Football Index Review 2020 Update

Football Index have now added yet another dividend to their list of payouts. This is based around the Transfer Windows, you can earn:

  • £0.10 for a completed transfer
  • £0.05 for a completed Loan Deal.

Football Index Transfer Dividends

October 2019 Update

Football Index have released the Important News today that they will be INCREASING DIVIDEND PAYOUTS again.

The full breakdown is to follow, but this is huge for Football Index & all of it’s traders.

These dividends combine to a total of 57% increase, which gives traders a huge boost in their returns.

Take a look at the dividend table below. One things for sure, new and existing traders will see their profits rise even further.

A Full breakdown on Football Index Official Website can be read here

Football Index Review Dividend Table 2019

14 thoughts on “Football Index Review”

  1. Bookmakers will always exist. There's nothing like a saturday afternoon acca.

    I've played Football Index but getting £0.03 per share wasn't the most thrilling for me.

    • Although it's only 3p, remember that your bet is still active and it lasts for 3 years.
      There are plenty of players that have amassed over £5 in dividends.
      It's not a fast millionaire job, but you probably won't win a million to one acca in your lifetime either haha!

  2. If Football Index is registered as a gambling website, that means that there's no tax to pay doesn't it?
    I've not seen anything online so i'm not too sure

    • Football Index increase dividend payouts when safe to.
      Their customer base is growing on a daily basis, which means that there is more commission being generated from sales.
      Although they'd pay more dividends for more active users, there's also a lot more traded cash in the platform.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Why does it mention in the review that it pays 1p for striker/midfielder goal 2p for defender/goalkeeper goal 1p for an assist and 1p for goalkeeper clean sheet yet in the picture posted the goals and clean sheet pay more ? I’m confused

    • Hi josh.

      Apologies, this seems to be the payout since before the Share Split.

      I can confirm that the Payouts have been changed to:

      Forward/Midfielder = £0.01
      Defender/Goalkeeper = £0.02

      Any Position = £0.01

      Clean Sheet:
      Goalkeeper = £0.01

      Although the Payouts look less (1p instead of 2p), they're actually increased due to the Share Split.

      Ill get this updated ASAP!

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention

  4. A very informative post which will be hugely beneficial for the new user. Having been on the platform myself for 18 months, I’ve doubled my investment and have now withdrawn my initial stake so I’m just ‘playing’ with profit.

    The one thing I’d query is the ‘never too late’ to join comment. Football Index is a zero sum game and the market will only rise if new sign ups continues. As such it relies on collective positive sentiment. There is a point, which could be in 6 months time or 6 years time where this changes – growth can not be infinite. In this way, the index is dangerously pyramidal. This will lead to a large market correction and people will sell against 10% enhanced spreads (as well as the standard 2% market commission).

    This isn’t to put off new users – the market could be a long way from the top yet. Equally, the platform is not a place to ‘bet’ or ‘invest’ money you can’t afford to lose.

    • Appreciate the positive comments on my post!

      (You're also on the approved list now for commenting on all posts, I had it set for 1 approved comment needed just to prevent Spam)

      My main focus on the never too late to join comment was also based upon emerging talent onto the platform. When a Existing player may retire, there will be another Football Index star ready to earn you dividends.

      I fully agree that you shouldn't ever gamble money you can't afford to lose, I urge anybody to apply this to all aspect of their lives!

      I do believe that Football Index will consistently adapt to make player potential attractive for all traders.

      I wasn't active 3 years ago, but I know there were players that were over £5.00 then just for a £0.05 Media dividend.
      There was no IPD, Match Day Rankings etc

    • France isn't an active country currently.

      Football Index are expanding however, so keep an eye out for Future updates!

      Who would be your picks for French up and coming players?


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