Football Index Review:

Updated for 2021

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What is Football Index?

Football Index is a stockmarket, allowing you to buy shares in football players all over the world. It’s a betting product, but it’s a great combination of Betting Exchanges & fantasy football.

You’ll struggle for information online, but you’re in the right place now as I write about everything Football Index.

Providing the opportunity to cash in from your football knowledge, it makes Football Index a fantastic platform.

Enter Code: FIA when registering to receive your Welcome Offer. Minimum deposit of £20 required.

Note, if you deposit between £100 and £1,000 using code FIA, you will also receive a 10% Deposit Bonus.

My Results on Football Index

Free Trial Available?USE CODE: FIA
Money Back Guarantee?7 Day Full Guarantee
First Year Profit£19,500 (60% ROI)
Overall Rating5/5
Still Profitable?It’s Never too late.
Bookmaker Beater?100%

Ready to Start Trading?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a special offer. This will enable you to trade risk free, where any losses up to £500 are refunded, as cash. Remember to use code FIA when you sign up.

How Does Football Index Work?

There’s not just one way to play, there are quite a few avenues to explore on Football Index. Once you’ve learnt though, it’s fairly easy to understand how football index works: 

  • Match day dividends
  • Media Dividends
  • In play dividends
  • Trading Profit (Selling Higher than you Purchased a Player)

Your aim when playing Football Index will be to buy players that you think will win dividends. It’s important at this point to understand the dividends, but we’ve got that covered below.

Buying a Player on Football Index

Once you’ve registered and deposited your money, it’s time to buy a player. Hopefully, your years of Football Manager scouting will be put to practice here. Buying a player is very easy.

Type in the name of the player that you want to purchase, which will then take you to his profile.

How to Buy Shares on Football Index

  • The Buy Button is circled in Yellow on the image
  • You can buy as many shares as you wish.
  • Maximum of 300 per transaction, with unlimited transactions possible.

Placing a Bid for a Player

Under the full order book process, you can also place a bid for a player. This means that you don’t have to pay the figure that’s circled above, but instead you can place a bid.

Placing a Bid on Football Index

As you can see above, I have placed a bid for 10 shares of Bruno Fernandes. Instead of paying the full amount, I have decided to place a bid. I won’t get the player straight away, I need to wait until another trader accepts the bid.

Once you have purchased a player or had the bid accepted, they are yours to keep until you decide to sell them. You can track all of your purchases in the Portfolio area.

Football Index Portfolio of Players

  • This shows how many shares you hold
  • It also shows how much you’ve earnt from that player in dividends.
  • It also shows the Cost Price, Current Value & your Profit or Loss on that player. 

In addition to placing Buy Orders, Football Index have recently introduced a fully fledged Order Book system. Provided by Nasdaq, this will give you the possibility of placing Buy Orders & Sell Offers. Once it’s implemented, we will add that into this review!

One of the things that you may be wondering, is why you would want to purchase shares in one player, over another. Football Index imitates a professional stock market, paying you dividends on your shares. 

Not every player will earn Dividends, only the good performers. Let’s take a look into what dividends are.

What are Dividends on Football Index?

As I briefly mentioned above, there’s a reason that Jadon Sancho is more expensive than Eden Hazard, and many others.

The reason for this, is largely down to dividends, or the potential of earning future dividends. These dividends drive the market, with traders wanting to own shares in the players which offer good returns on investment.

My favourite example for this is Lionel Messi, who was classed as a depreciating asset by many, prior to his Summer 2020 transfer antics.

Traders knew that Lionel Messi in the Premier League would absolutely dominate the Dividends on the platform. Yes, he’s getting older, but there’s genuine belief he could earn his price in dividends over a two year spell.

Lionel Messi Transfer Rumours

In a week, he rose by £3, which could be a new record for the platform. 

So now you know of the power that Dividend potential harnesses, it’s time that I explained the dividends to you.

I’m going to explain each one in detail, but if you just want a brief explainer:

  • Media Dividends, which are paid out if your player is in the Media spotlight.
  • Match Day Dividends, for the best performers of the day.
  • In Play Dividends, for players that Score Goals, Create Assists or Clean Sheets.
  • Transfer Window Dividends, a payout for players that are transferred, or loaned out.
  • Team of the Month Dividends, for the best performers over a complete month.

So there you have it, there’s quite a few dividends that can be won. Now it’s time to break each one down, to fully explain how they work.

What are Media Dividends?

This is a dividend which is generated by a specific players Media Attention. 

Football Index have a clever processing system, which obtains all of the media articles from well respected News Sources, allocating each Media Story a specific score, based on the positivity of the article.

This isn’t based upon the number of articles a player receives, but instead, it uses Positive Sentiment Analysis to score each article.

Media Dividends on Football Index

Every player with a Media Article including their name will then be added onto the Media Rankings, alongside their current score, which updates throughout the day. The winner will be the player with the highest score at the end of the day.

Media Dividends are on offer every single day. If you own a player that wins Media Dividends, you’ll be paid out shortly after he’s won the dividend, which is just after midnight. 

When there is a Football Match playing, there will be One media buzz payout. The player with the highest Media score will earn dividends. The payout would be £0.03 per share owned. These figures are as of 01/08/2020, but will be updated if Football Index increase dividends again.

If there isn’t a football match playing, Football Index will pay the Top 3 scoring players. 

  • 1st Place – £0.05 Payout per Share Owned
  • 2nd Place – £0.03 Payout per Share Owned
  • 3rd Place – £0.01 Payout Per Share Owned

Watching the Media Rankings

  • You can see the Media Buzz leaderboard by selecting Media Rankings.
  • This will show you the score for each player.  
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the day, wins the dividend payout.
Media Mentions on Football index

Football Index monitor specific news outlets for their media rankings. These are predominantly UK based, so you won’t find any articles from MARCA etc. Trusted sources such as BBC, TalkSport & BBC are used.  There are also some rules to the Media Ranking System:

  • The Full name of the player must appear in the article, for it to be counted.
  • Articles aren’t given an ‘even’ score. Sentimental Analysis is used which calculates the positivity of words, converting them into a ‘score’.
  • The article must appear on the RSS Feed for it to be given a score.

Your player could have less articles written about him and still win Media Buzz. The number of articles doesn’t matter, it’s the score given from those articles. 

Overall, Media Dividends are probably the easiest dividends to win consistently, as you’ll find it’s the same players that catch the attention of the reporters.

Match Day Dividends on Football Index

Match Day dividends are the payout for your players performance, on the pitch. The only leagues that are counted are the Top 5 in Europe (English Premier League, French Ligue 1, Germany Bundesliga, Italian Serie A & in Spain, The La Liga). Football Index also cover European Tournaments such as the Champions League & Europa League.

In similar fashion to Media Dividends, Match Day Dividends are paid out at the end of the day. You’ll often be waking up to dividends, in your cash balance.

Match Day Dividends are only paid out when a match is played in any of the above leagues. There are also several categories for payouts, which are classed as:

  • Bronze Match Day: 1 – 4 Matches played
  • Silver Match Day: 5 – 14 Matches played
  • Gold Match Day: 15+ Matches Played

The Payouts vary, depending on the type of match day. Gold Match Days have the largest payout, but will also contain the largest player pool & thus be more difficult to predict.

Each position can win it’s own dividend. The overall highest scoring player will then earn the Star Player dividend, which feels great on a Gold Day!

  • You can win multiple dividends.
  • Goalkeepers are included in the Defender Category
  • There’s one payout per position. For Example, both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t win Top FWD on the same day. The Highest Score wins.

How are Match Day Rankings Calculated?

For every action that your player performs on the pitch, they are awarded points which accumulate towards their score. The highest overall scoring player would be the star player, aswell as earning his positional dividend. Take a look at the chart.

Football Index Match Day Scoring Table

How To Sell Your Player

When you’ve decided that you don’t want to have a specific player anymore, you can sell him. Hopefully, you’ve managed to earn some capital appreciation along the way. Selling isn’t quite as simple as buying, as there’s a few different methods you can use.

Click Sell, on the player which you have decided to part ways with.

How to Sell A Player on Football Index

  • The Sell Button is circled in Yellow on the image
  • You can Sell to Market, or Instant Sell (Explained below)
  • Maximum of 300 per transaction, but you can complete as many transactions as you wish.

When you press sell, you’ll see the following screen appear. You can choose how many shares you want to sell.

Selling a Player on Football Index

  • You can choose to Add Sell order, or Instant Sell.
  • Instant Sell offers you a lower price, but guarantees the shares are instantly sold.
  • Adding a Sell Order will wait for another trader to purchase the shares from you. The shares enter a ‘queue’ and yours will sell when you’re at the front of the sell queue.

Using Order Books to Sell a Player

You can also use Order Books now to sell your players. This makes the platform completely peer to peer, with full control over the prices of every single player.
Football Index Review Sell Player Offer

You have to click the Place an Offer button, which enables you to offer your shares for sale to other traders.

This will then bring up the below screen, which allows you to select exactly how many shares you wish to sell, defining which cost you want to sell them at too.

Order Books Offers FI Reviews

Researching a Player to Purchase

You should be taking all of the above into consideration when finding a player to add to your portfolio. The best players on the platform are ones who earn dividends, but there’s also many other ways to make money. 

If you have an eye for young talent, you can use this to your advantage. It’s possible to purchase a player when they’re young and not in the spotlight.

As less traders will know about these, there’s lots of money to be made. Take a look at the below examples. 

One year ago, Bruno Fernandes was just £2. There was little interest in him, due to the Portugese League not being an Eligible Buzz League. He’s now just under £10. You can Buy players that you believe will have a great future.

Football Index Review Example

If they move to a better team, their price tends to increase.
Manchester United was the best outcome for anyone that holds Bruno, as they get lots of media attention. Always.

Jack Grealish also had an excellent rise in price. Traders may have purchased Grealish hoping that Aston Villa are relegated, which could earn him a transfer. 

Man Utd were rumoured to be interested in Grealish.
He’s English which is a big advantage. There’s also comparisons to David Beckham, which I’ll stay out of! However, if he could become a Media Star like Beckham, his price would increase.
Grealish has shown decent stats at Villa, which offers optimism that his Match day scores might be better in a more competitive team.

Football Index Review: My Conclusion

Football Index really is a game changer. Previously, I would be spending hundreds every week on sports betting, but be lucky to break even. To say it’s a revolutionary product would be correct. It’s actually given other products a platform to start from, with sites like fanteam and others now gaining traction.

Football Index is a slower paced gambling platform than a traditional bookmaker, as your bets last for 3 years before expiring. They won’t lose when the final whistle blows. 

I would definitely recommend that you take the Sign Up offer (Enter code FIA when registering) as this gives you a safety net to learn during the first week).

I will ensure this is kept upto date, including all Football Index Major Updates below. Remember, I’ve included a lot of information in this post today, I don’t expect you to fully understand everything immediately.

There’s no product on the market like Football Index, even FI themselves know this. This is why they provide the £500 Risk Free Trading guarantee. This post will always be the most informative, so bookmark it and keep coming back to it, if you need to!

If you want to learn something specific, let me know below & I will cater to any requests. You can also find my YouTube Channel which contains strategy videos & monthly roundups.

In Play Dividends

In-Play Dividends were a part-time payout, but were removed from the platform in January 2021. This was replaced with Match Day Extra Payouts.

Football Index Changes & Product Updates

29/01/2021 Product Update

In-Play Dividends have now been discontinued, replaced with a New Mechanic which launched on the 29th January 2021. Any Mention of IPD’s on this Blog are for historic purposes only.

Match Day Extra has been added, which rewards players that narrowly missed out on Match Day Dividends. There are 20 extra payouts each week, applicable to multiple positions. You can read more here.

12/09/2020 Football Index Dividend Update

We are going to see a huge increase in Dividends, from the 12th September 2020. Are you ready to see the new payout table?
Football Index Dividend Review

20/08/2020 Marketing Update

Football Index have announced today that in addition to their sponsorship on Nottingham Forest’s official football kits, they will also be the Official Shirt Sponsors for Queens Park Rangers. This is a great move, which will see more attention for the platform.

Football Index Sponsors

Fulham Training Kit Sponsor

20th July 2020: A Huge Update

In Play Dividends have been increased by 5x the original amount, which will run until 30/09/2020.

  • £0.05 per goal (MID or FWD)
  • £0.10 per goal (GK or DEF)
  • £0.05 per assist
  • £0.05 per GK Clean Sheet
  • Summer Media Madness has also been announced, which will pay the top 5 earners of Media Dividends.

They will earn £0.08, £0.04, £0.02, £0.01 & £0.01 retrospectively.

Every Match Day during August has also been upgraded to become a Gold Match Day.

This is a pretty big update, with dividends increased everywhere!

Order Books

Order books have been officially announced for Football Index. This will allow trader to control the prices of the market even further, setting Asks and Bids.

  • NASDAQ Powered software, the Matching Engine
  • This allows Football Index to emulate a professional trading platform, which will increase it’s audience.

Football Index have announced an EXTRA dividend, paying out now around Transfer Windows.

  • £0.10 if your player completes a Transfer.
  • £0.05 if your player completes a loan move.
  • Football Index Transfer Dividends

34 thoughts on “Football Index Review: How does Football Index work?”

  1. Bookmakers will always exist. There’s nothing like a saturday afternoon acca.

    I’ve played Football Index but getting £0.03 per share wasn’t the most thrilling for me.

    • Although it’s only 3p, remember that your bet is still active and it lasts for 3 years.
      There are plenty of players that have amassed over £5 in dividends.
      It’s not a fast millionaire job, but you probably won’t win a million to one acca in your lifetime either haha!

  2. If Football Index is registered as a gambling website, that means that there’s no tax to pay doesn’t it?
    I’ve not seen anything online so i’m not too sure

    • Football Index increase dividend payouts when safe to.
      Their customer base is growing on a daily basis, which means that there is more commission being generated from sales.
      Although they’d pay more dividends for more active users, there’s also a lot more traded cash in the platform.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Why does it mention in the review that it pays 1p for striker/midfielder goal 2p for defender/goalkeeper goal 1p for an assist and 1p for goalkeeper clean sheet yet in the picture posted the goals and clean sheet pay more ? I’m confused

    • Hi josh.

      Apologies, this seems to be the payout since before the Share Split.

      I can confirm that the Payouts have been changed to:

      Forward/Midfielder = £0.01
      Defender/Goalkeeper = £0.02

      Any Position = £0.01

      Clean Sheet:
      Goalkeeper = £0.01

      Although the Payouts look less (1p instead of 2p), they’re actually increased due to the Share Split.

      Ill get this updated ASAP!

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention

  4. A very informative post which will be hugely beneficial for the new user. Having been on the platform myself for 18 months, I’ve doubled my investment and have now withdrawn my initial stake so I’m just ‘playing’ with profit.

    The one thing I’d query is the ‘never too late’ to join comment. Football Index is a zero sum game and the market will only rise if new sign ups continues. As such it relies on collective positive sentiment. There is a point, which could be in 6 months time or 6 years time where this changes – growth can not be infinite. In this way, the index is dangerously pyramidal. This will lead to a large market correction and people will sell against 10% enhanced spreads (as well as the standard 2% market commission).

    This isn’t to put off new users – the market could be a long way from the top yet. Equally, the platform is not a place to ‘bet’ or ‘invest’ money you can’t afford to lose.

    • Appreciate the positive comments on my post!

      (You’re also on the approved list now for commenting on all posts, I had it set for 1 approved comment needed just to prevent Spam)

      My main focus on the never too late to join comment was also based upon emerging talent onto the platform. When a Existing player may retire, there will be another Football Index star ready to earn you dividends.

      I fully agree that you shouldn’t ever gamble money you can’t afford to lose, I urge anybody to apply this to all aspect of their lives!

      I do believe that Football Index will consistently adapt to make player potential attractive for all traders.

      I wasn’t active 3 years ago, but I know there were players that were over £5.00 then just for a £0.05 Media dividend.
      There was no IPD, Match Day Rankings etc

    • France isn’t an active country currently.

      Football Index are expanding however, so keep an eye out for Future updates!

      Who would be your picks for French up and coming players?

    • Hi Calum

      As per the official game rules, non sold shares would expire after 3 years. Initially this had me worried, but after being on the platform nearly 3 years myself I must admit the odds of you keeping the shares for 3 years are quite low.

      You’ll never be left without the chance to sell, as you can always instant sell as a final measure.

      Hope this helps!

      • Hi.

        I also have a question about the 3 year expiry. Say I am 1 day away from the expiry date what price would I get for my shares? I don’t understand who is on the other side of the transaction? Why would anyone buy a share off me that will expire in 24 hours. So it must be football index themselves on the other side. And if it’s football index buying the shares off of me wouldnt they offer me a terrible price because the value of the future dividends is incredibly low or even 0 if there are no games or media days until expiry.

        Secondly, when I buy a share does it always have a 3 year expiry? If so does that mean I’m always buying the share from the football index itself? Because if for example, say Callum has a share of messi which he has held for 1 year. When he his sell at £6.80 and me on the other side hit buy for £6.80 do our orders get matched and hence I also have a messi with 2 years to expiry? Or do I always get a fresh 3 year share? Presumably that would mean I would be paying a different price and more than what Callum can sell his messi for given that my “bet”/share covers a 3 year period and his remaining period is 2 years.

        Thanks a lot.

        I’d love to get involved I am just quite confused how the pricing works when all shares have different expiry dates, It seems to me that all shares should theoretically be priced differently. I work in finance so I’d like to have a firmer understanding before advancing. Feel free to use a technical explaining.


        • That’s a fantastic question, something which often pops up.

          If you were to sell on the very last day of the Share being valid, you would have to instant sell this to Football Index. This is the figure quoted in the ‘Sell Box’. If you were to put this for sale a little earlier, you would be able to list to the market (adding your shares at the BUY price).

          The market is based upon being Peer to Peer, apart from the times when a new player is added. For example, if Moukoko was introduced to the platform at £1.00, nobody would own these shares and you would be purchasing them from Football Index themselves.

          Although your share would be expiring after 3 years, as soon as another trader was to purchase that, their ‘3 years’ would then begin. The 3 year limit applies to traders holding the player, not the share itself.

          You could sell the player and then re-purchase it which would kickstart the 3 year cycle again.

          Every time that you purchase a share, it will have a 3 year expiry.

          The only two expiry dates that you need to think of are:

          – The Three Year Hold – Any Player You Hold will Expire After 3 Years

          – IPD Dividend Expiry – When you add a player to your portfolio, he can earn the ‘enhanced’ dividends for 30 days from purchase time.

          If you have any other questions, just reply & I’ll do my best to help you out!

          Also, I’d love if you could support this website by entering FIA on the registration form for Football Index!

          If you have any queries, big or small, ask away!

          • Hi,

            Thank you for the detailed and very quick response. I guess I only have 1 follow up question,

            What determines the instant sell price if say I was too close to expiry to get the market price?


          • The Instant Sell price is determined around bids (since the Matching Engine has been introduced). You’ll notice that every player has a buy and sell price. Using an example, Jadon Sancho has a £15.09 buy price, with a £14.92 sell price.

            The £14.92 sell price is based around other traders placing bids. If I placed a bid for £14.95, his sell price would then increase to that.

            Football Index do have a market maker, which guarantees a set ‘sell price’, but this is quite low. However, it doesn’t change depending on the amount of time you have left before expiry.

    • Hey Phil!

      I think we would all love if the dividends were that high, but unfortunately I don’t think it would be sustainable for FI!


    • I don’t think so, unfortunately! I wouldn’t know how they could attribute a dividend to managers, unless they did a flat rate dividend for winning the game, or a manager media dividend.

      Now I’m saying that, it sounds quite fun! But I don’t think FI would consider this.

  5. I’m looking to start investing/trading on football index. I’m hesitant to buy a couple players that i think could go back up in price because I’m not sure how much their prices were affected by the pandemic over the last 6 months.

    • Hi Ben, thanks for commenting!

      The main cause of change in players prices recently have been down to platform changes on the index itself. Now, prices are controlled purely by traders, which has led to a bit of volatility.

      It’s stabilised in the last week though, I’m confident that you’ll be OK to join up safely. Just remember there’s no football on at present, so it’s media, media, media!

      • yea that’s why i was thinking a player like pogba would be a great investment due to how low his price is at the moment. and he’s quite a controversial player in the media normally, especially during international break.

        • Believe it or not he was over £15 at his peak, due to his spats with mourinho!

          This was before share split though, so equivalent to around £5.50. This was also with lower dividends on offer!

          You’re looking at the right type of player Ben! I don’t hold him, but when you compare him with other players… it’s a no brainer!

          Im interested to see how you get on with your FI journey, if you do sign up please enter referral code FIA to support my blog!

          • will do! is there a more convenient place i could contact you to discuss once i’ve gotten started?

  6. I’m seeing a massive decrease in my portfolio the last couple of months , will FI recover ? Feels like there’s a crash happening all the time… I’m not too savvy with how the market works tbh but my folio was looking pretty promising but now I’m worried that it might be time to sell! Prices of players keep dropping!!!

    • Hi, Simon.

      Yeah there’s been a bit of a transition since Order Books were implemented. Quite a lot of these losses aren’t ‘true’, I think it’s moreso some traders not understanding how Order Books work.

      Fingers crossed FI can help educate their userbase! I understand what you’re saying though, I purchased Sancho for £13 and now I’ve been placing bids just over £7.

      It’ll recover. And more!


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