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Media Dividends on Football Index

Media Day Dividends, formerly known as Media Buzz, is a dividend which can be earnt on Football Index, based upon the media coverage which a player receives.

This media coverage can be based on Injury news, transfer rumours or even articles based upon previous performance.

The more Media attention that a player receives, the higher his media score will be. As you can see from the above article, Mesut Ozil is currently leading the current days Media, due to being dropped from the Arsenal squad to face everton.

How is the Media Buzz score Calculated?

Football Index monitor the top UK sports news feeds such as:

Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

Each publication is then given a score by Football Index, the more positive and upbeat the article, the more points that it should score. The factors Football Index use to calculate the articles are kept under wraps, but it works. The point system scores articles between 10 and 240 points.

Quite regularly, the same people win Media Buzz. In 2018, Paul Pogba dominated media buzz with the aid of Jose Mourinho, who used him as a scapegoat for poor performances.

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How do Football Index pick a Media Buzz winner?

Football index do not choose who wins the buzz.

The player with the highest scores from the above publications will win the buzz. At midnight, the player that has scored the most points is awarded the dividend payout. If it’s a triple media buzz day, second and third place media footballers will also receive a payout.

For example, if you hold 100 shares in Neymar, if he wins the Media buzz you will be given £8.00 as dividends. If you carefully build a portfolio based on Media Buzz players, your dividends payout will mount up regularly! From my experience, it’s not rare to have a clean sweep, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place payouts.

This would bring a £15 payout based on 100 shares per player!

Is Media Buzz easy to win?

This is a difficult one to answer.

We can’t predict who will win the media buzz on a certain day, as we can never be sure of what stories will pop up on certain days. However, we can tailor our portfolio to favour Media Buzz Dividends. Using a little research, we are able to narrow down potential winners for Media Buzz.

For Example, Kasper Dolberg is available to purchase on the Football Index. It’s pretty safe to say that this player will not be in the eye of the media every day of the year. If he does something spectacular during a game, it may earn him some Media Buzz points, but still not enough to win the Performance Buzz. Now, let’s look at Harry Kane, Lukaku and Co.

For media buzz, it’s very advantageous to have footballers from the Premier League, as this is the focus of the British media. They aren’t going to be reporting on lower leagues such as Ajax, they don’t even cover much in the French league & PSG have the worlds most expensive player!

See below, English Premier League resulted in 86% of the total buzz!

For obvious reasons we cannot ignore La Liga, as they host the ballon d’or contenders in Ronaldo and Messi. They will generate news stories mainly around transfer periods, as one is always rumoured for a Return (Ronaldo), or a fresh challenge (Messi)

Going forward, I think when Ronaldo and Messi retire, the foreign media attention will be switched to Neymar/Mbappe. Unless Kane or Dele Alli moves to La Liga!

Who has better chance of winning Media dividends?

Any Tradeable player on Football Index can earn dividends, both Performance & Media.

However, the facts are simple, it’s not actually that difficult to tell who will be ‘up there’ in regards to high scoring media buzz players.

The way we work this out is to immediately remove leagues such as Seria A, Bundesliga,most players from La Liga (apart from two in particular!), Most of the French League. The reason being that the parameters for media buzz are judged on UK PRESS COMPANIES, foreign leagues are barely mentioned.

Now we should be left with the Premier League, Messi, Ronaldo & Neymar.

Although, that’s still quite a large sample. Stick to the Top 6 teams in the league, Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea. To an extent you can avoid defenders, as they don’t tend to pick up much media attention unless they perform bad, which won’t bring media dividends anyway.

You will generally want to focus towards attacking footballers, as they get lots of good media buzz points for scoring winning goals, having great games etc.

An added bonus will be to get English players. Long term holds such as Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford are great options, as the media will be all over England during International periods.

Below is an example showing Media buzz for the day. Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford haven’t done anything special in particular and both are in the top 5 for Media Buzz. In comparison, Ozil has been rumoured with more or less all websites to be joining Man Utd in January, Morata has damaged his hamstring & Ronaldo has released an interview stating the reasons why he left Man Utd for Real Madrid. This shows the potential you have with these English attackers, as if they were to ‘do something’ to catch the eye of the media, they would be guaranteed Buzz dividends a handful of times!

Media Buzz during Transfer Window periods

Media Buzz during transfer windows is just something else!

During these windows, it can be almost impossible to notice a long term winner, as transfer rumour stories are popping up on daily basis. However, this Summer (2017) I was either extremely lucky, or I had a mastermind strategy. Looking back, I think it was the earlier!

I initially purchased Neymar, then out of nowhere he signed for PSG, leading the way for Coutinho to join Barcelona. I stocked up on Coutinho and the rest of the transfer window I received dividend after dividend! The transfer saga went on until the last day and he never moved, but story after story was being written by the Media!

It just shows that during a transfer period, the ‘rules’ as such go out of the window, you need players who are linked with transfers.

Fortunately, these transfer periods don’t go on all season, or it would be a lottery!

I hope this has answered all of your queries regarding Media Buzz, if not have a quick look at the FAQ below

Can you guarantee a media buzz win?

You can’t guarantee a payout, as there may be times when a player has a crazy day in the media. For example, Sergio Aguero when he crashed his car picked up lots of media buzz, but only for a day.

Who are your top picks for Media Buzz?

This will be a separate blog post. However, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Romelu Lukaku & Dele Alli would be my top picks at time of writing this.

Note, the Media Buzz winners won’t be the same all the time, whilst there are lots of players that consistently win it, it’s all based upon the current football situation.

Indeed, if a player from your portfolio has a fantastic game, the media will be creating lots of stories, so you have every chance of winning both Performance Buzz and Media buzz dividends. The best case scenario would be winning the Star Player, Top position & media dividends, bringing a payout of around 20p a share!

If you’re new to Football Index, I highly recommend that you read my Football index Review, which gives a full explanation on the platform

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