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What is Footstock?

Footstock has simple concept. You buy and sell players based in the Premier League, which can be used to enter Mini Games & Tournaments which offer large cash prizes. It’s based around the Fantasy Football concept, where you choose a lineup. 

This Footstock sign up bonus a whopping deposit bonus, up to £100.

My Results on Footstock

Free Trial Available?Bonus Cards & £10 Voucher
First Year Profit£3,500 (60% ROI)
Overall Rating4/5
Still Profitable?New Tournaments Every Week
Better than Football Index?Too hard to compare!
Better than a Bookie?100%

Footstock Sign Up Offer Details

Footstock is a really intriguing platform, which has similarities with Football Index (which is why I used it!), but after playing Footstock & understanding the concept, I soon realised that the platforms cannot be compared.

I actually tried to compare them, but I did neither platform justice. They’re all actually pretty good, with their own USP.

Footstock is a mixture of trading and fantasy football. Players value rise and falled, based upon Supply & Demand… but also their real life form & card rarity.

Footstock are quite new, less than 2 years old. They are aware that their platform may cause confusion, which is why they offer you £10 worth of vouchers in addition to 50 player cards. In many ways, this is no different to Football Index offering the £500 offer. 

Let’s take an in depth look into Footstock. We will try and make this the best Footstock beginners guide available.

If you haven’t signed up at Footstock yet, ensure you click the link below and secure your deposit bonus & enter the £100,000 Freeroll Tournament.

Getting Started on Footstock

After Registering at Footstock, you’ll be given your Bonus Cards & Tournament Credit. You’ll also be given a walkthrough the platform, which is hugely beneficial. The first thing that you’re going to want to do, is open your 50 Bonus Cards pack.

After opening your pack, hopefully getting some legendary players… you’ll be redirected to your Footstock hub. 

The Footstock Hub is your dashboard area. This contains all of the tiles that you need to access areas, such as Shop, Market, Collection, Rewards, Games & Tournaments.

Now we’ve seen the tiles, let’s go into depth as to what each tile represents.

The Footstock Shop

Footstock sign up offer

The Footstock Shop is the place to go, if you fancy your luck at opening packs. It’s very similar to Fifa Ultimate team, where you get a chance of owning the best players. 

It’s luck of the draw here though, no guarantees of who you might get. There’s always new packs added too, at the moment you can purchase a Pack containing Newly Promoted Players.

Buying from the Market

If opening packs isn’t your thing, you can also purchase players from the Footstock market. This is an area which is completely peer to peer, with other traders trying to sell their cards. 

Think of it as the ‘Transfer List’. You can list a player for sale at whatever price you like, but you can also set Buy & Sell Orders. 

The market is most players go-to option for acquiring players. It’s sometimes better to pay for the player that you want, instead of gambling that you’ll get him in a pack.

Buying From the Footstock market

Footstock Tips

Building an elite collection is the aim on Footstock. Initially, I treated this a little bit like Football Index. I purchased all of the youngsters which I believed in. It led to profit, but it didn’t give me the best chances in Tournaments… as Youth prospects rarely get 90 minutes.

The good thing is, your collection has no expiry dates. You can buy a Youth Player and keep it for the entirety of his career, if that’s your thing.

Footstock Rewards

The Rewards Hub is another fantastic element of Footstock. You will receive rewards for completing specific objectives, which is always nice!

The rewards are amazing too, with Free Legendary Cards, or 40% off Premium Packs available.

It’s something which adds to the game experience, encouraging you to complete.

Footstock Rewards

Footstock Games

The Footstock games area contains Roulette Tournaments & Virtual Battles. 

Virtual Battles are amazing, it’s literally like competing in a Football Manager tournament. We’ve also had good success on Roulette, which is very similar to a Top Trumps styled knockout game.

Footstock Sign Up Bonus

Tournaments on Footstock

As I mentioned, you will receive £10 of Tournament Coupons when you register for the Footstock Sign Up Bonus

Tournaments are the reason why you play Footstock. They’re on all year round, regardless of whether there’s Football on, or not.

  • If Football is being played, Real Life Data (from Opta) is used & the Tournaments are completed.
  • If Football isn’t being played, Footstock run Virtual Tournaments, which operate in a Football Manager styled atmosphere.

Tournaments are very similar to any other fantasy football product. With these, you can only enter players into tournaments if you own them. This is why we emphasise on building an epic collection of players. 

There are multiple levels of Tournaments, Beginner, Amateur and Pro Tournaments. Footstock also include Tournaments which are free to enter, but they still provide huge prizes!

Footstock Tournaments

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