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What is Football Index?

Football Index is the worlds first football stock market, offering a completely new way to trade. Members can buy and sell shares in Football players for a profit.

Here you can use our Football Index Sign Up Bonus to get £500 Risk Free.

This is a great promotion as it allows you to trade without risk, meaning you can take a few more risks to make a profit. If you don’t profit, you get your money back. GREAT!

How can I Claim £500 Risk Free?

Claiming your £500 risk free couldn’t be any easier!

Click HERE – or a link elsewhere on our site and you will be eligible to trade risk free.

Football Index have a few rules, but they are really simple and user friendly.

You must tell them you would like a refund within 7 days of signing up. If you have deposited £500 and now have £480, they will top up your account with £20.

You also must make sure your portfolio is empty before claiming a refund.

The Full Process

Register at Football Index, depositing up to £500. You can deposit as little as you like, but the deposit bonus only counts for your first deposit, so make it a big one!

From this point, you have exactly 7 days to trade… you can actually go crazy, buying players that you hope will increase so you have a profit.

This is my favourite thing about this offer, as it means we can forget about executing a long term trading plan, you can go loose and spend £500 like it’s nothing!

On the final day, you can assess your profits. If you aren’t in profit, sell your players and then contact support. They top up your withdrawable balance to £500.

If you have made a profit, you can also sell up and withdraw your profit!

Why do Football Index offer a Sign Up Bonus?

]Football Index has changed the way stocks and shares work, enabling their users to buy shares in footballers. Although you don’t physically own rights in the player (meaning you aren’t entitled to a share of his weekly wages), you can buy and sell them on the Football Stock market. This is the only website that allows you to do this. Football index introduced this promotion as way to help new traders to understand how the platform works.

It’s stress-free knowing that you can get a refund!

There really hasn’t been a better time to get started with Football Index… 

How to make a profit from the £500 Risk Free

There isn’t a way we can guarantee you make a profit from trading, however if you take up our cashback offer, you will earn £30 profit guaranteed.

When you are trading, it’s not common for a players price to increase 50% in a day, although that would be nice!

It is definitely possible to earn around 20-25% Return on Investment during 7 days, providing your players perform well. Currently, well performing Performance buzz players are dominating the market, as you can now earn dividends if they play well.

There is no guarantee you will earn a profit from trading, but by correctly choosing some great value players, you may hit a fortunate profit!

There is no need to worry if you are in the red, as you can request a refund.

It’s actually a clever offer by football index, as it sounds fantastic! In reality, you aren’t physically able to lose your £500 deposit as a players share price will never drop to £0.00

Why You Need to Register

Some fans have fantastic knowledge of the game, on Twitter you often see players discussing tactics in-depth etc.

Another thing I picked up, is that they know of their teams raw talented players, footballers which are yet to set the world alight.

What if fans could put their extensive knowledge to work, making profit from this in the process?

With Football Index YOU can.

It’s great fun & initially was something which stopped me from wasting money on gambling on sportsbook betting.

The Index is constantly live, so you can always take advantage of a nice trade!

Football Fans love the game, Football Index makes it possible for you to profit with your knowledge.

Take a look at the Recap/F.A.Q Below.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is the new way to trade. As you have learned above, Football Index offers players the ability to buy and sell shares in footballers.

Is Football Index risk free?

Football Index offers £500 Risk Free for new members, but if you are an existing customer, yes it is classed as gambling. Although, if you put your football knowledge to the test, you will be fine!

Why is it different to betting with bookmakers?

There is no comparison between bookmakers and football index.

For example, if you bet on Man Utd and they lose, your complete stake is lost & the bet is completed.

If you invest £20 to buy 5 shares of Messi, but he drops 5p in price, that’s only a 25p loss! There is no way that you can lose your full stake, unless something rare happens such as a sudden death of a player, but I’m sure the Index would do what they could to help their members out. They have been really good so far!

What is Media Buzz?

Media Buzz is a way to make money from footballers that you currently own in your portfolio.

Media Buzz is scored by tallying up articles by the Top Publishers such as Talksport and also newspapers. Each article is scored independently, based on how positive the story is.

At 23:00 each night, the scores are tallied up for that day, the player with the most points will then be eligible for a dividend payout. This will be paid into your account if you are eligible.

Note, you can’t buy the players while they have high media buzz scores and receive a dividend, you must hold the player in the portfolio on the previous day.

What are Match Day Rankings?

The second method of earning money by dividends is Match Day Rankings. This was previously labelled as Performance buzz.

Match Day Rankings have recently been introduced to help members profit even more from the index!

There are 4 ways to make money from Match Day Rankings. 

This is split into player positions, so you get one for:

  • Top Defender
  • Top Midfielder
  • Top Forward
  • There is also a dividend rewarded to the Top Star.

The Top Star is the player who has built up the highest overall number of points.

This can be a player from any position, whereas the Top Defender can only be won by a defender (and so on)

It is possible to win what’s called a ‘clean sweep’ on the Football Index, earning dividends from all possible positions, plus Top Star and Media Buzz. This isn’t very often I’ll admit, but when it occurs, your bankroll will take a healthy increase.

How does Trading Activity affect the Share Price?

Trading activity is something which directly influences share price, as if a large number of players are sold, the price will ultimately decrease. If a large number of shares are purchased, the price will increase.

If a trader sees another trader pile money into a footballer, they may think that there’s some kind of ‘inside knowledge’ trading occurring, this will then snowball onto hundreds of traders causing a mass increase!

What is Promotion Day?

Promotion Day doesn’t occur anymore. It was changed in 2018/19 when Football Index adapted their website, making Media Buzz Eligible for All users. I’ll keep it here though for the history books!

Promotion day was when two new players enter the Football Index. They entered the market at 25p starting price, which was a profitable day for traders who could purchase around the starting price.

The two lowest priced players in the First Team were relegated.

What is the Sign Up Offer?

New Customers (not already a member at Football Index) can claim a massive £500 Risk Free Trading offer.

Football Index Sign Up Bonus – Conclusion

The Football Index Sign Up bonus is a pretty good offer! 

In comparison to bookmakers, I’ve never seen a bookmaker offer to refund your losses as cash… you get a free bet (which often loses!).

The reason they offer a £500 Risk Free offer is because the Football Stockmarket platform is quite new.

I don’t think they’ll be offering £500 forever, but it’s a fantastic safety net for any new user.

As the offer is risk free for 7 days, I would encourage you to play ‘high risk’ for the first 7 days, as it doesn’t matter if you lose money.

Alternatively, a better strategy long term would be to completely forget about the bonus and trade as if there’s no safety barrier.

If you lose money, there’s always the refund to fall back onto.

If you’ve made money after the week, you won’t need to claim a refund!

The Refund is fully withdrawable if you don’t like the platform. You’re also allowed to re-use your money if you want to change strategy and go again.

What we do know is that Football Index is growing at a rapid rate, with more and more recreational gamblers preferring this platform.

You don’t lose all of your money, when you’re player doesn’t perform, which is a HUGE positive. 

If you need to know more about Football Index, get started using the Risk Free Offer & then head over to the Football Index Review or Beginners Guide.

I’m always around too if you want to leave a comment!

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