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If you’ve been considering joining Football Index & leaving traditional betting behind, The £500 Risk Free will help you make your decision.

Football Index has surged in popularity in the last 4 years, with traders using their Football Knowledge to make a profit.

To receive your Risk Free bonus, ensure that you register at Football Index, using our referral code when Signing Up using the Online form.

Your first deposit must also be a minimum of £20.

You’ll be ready to start your scouting Mission & build a great portfolio.

There are a wide number of players to buy on Football Index. This varies from current superstars such as Messi, to wonderkids such as Jadon Sancho.

Your bet doesn’t end at the final whistle, like it would with SkyBet. If your player has a poor game or loses, your bet doesn’t settle as lost. Treat it as a share instead of a BET.

If you like Football Manager or Fantasy Football, you’ll most certainly enjoy Football Index. 

Remember, use code FIA when Registering to claim your £500 Risk Free offer.

It’s a great way to learn how to play the platform

recent football index reviews:

"Football Index is a life changer. I've managed to turn a £100 deposit into £330. It's such a fun platform to use.
"Instead of wasting £30 per week on accumulators, I've managed to use my portfolio as a savings account & it's already increasing. What a find.

How to Claim the Football Index Referral Code

The Football Index Referral Code offers new users £1,000 Risk Free when they register for an account. This is an enhanced offer which is valid only on this website.

Maximum Offer: £ 1,000

What's Required:

Enter Code: FIA
Deposit £20 Minimum
Deposit £1,000 Maximum

Steps to Claiming Football Index Referral Code

Register using code: FIA

When you register, the code FIA is required so that you can claim the £1,000 offer. This is Double the standard £500 offer.

This is valid for New Customers that haven't yet entered a Football Index Referral Code.

Football Index Referral Code

Start Trading on The Football Stockmarket

After entering the Football Index Referral code, you are able to start trading. Research & Buy Players which can increase in price or earn you dividends. 

Any Losses on your account can be refunded by contacting Football Index. The refund is credited as Cash and is instantly withdrawable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Football Index - The Football Stock Market

Have you got any Football Index Tips?

The best tip is to maximise the time you can put into the platform in the first 7 days. If you make any losses, they’re refunded in this period. This allows you maximum understanding of the game, then you can start again after this period. 

Is it Risk Free?

There’s no risk during the first 7 days, up to losses of £500. 

After this period, it has an element of risk as it’s a Trading Platform.