Football Index is the worlds first football stock market, offering a completely new way to trade. Members can buy and sell shares in Football players for a profit.

It’s an innovating platform, which will allow Football Fans to profit from their knowledge of the beautiful game. This guide will explain how it works, it also includes a Referral Link where you have the option to claim £500 Risk Free when you register.

Buy a Gem
Use your Football Knowledge. Knowledge is Power.
Earn Dividends
Earn cash payments of Dividends when your players perform well.
The Betting Revolution
Join 250,000 traders who are trading on the Football Stock market.
A New Approach

To Online Gambling

Football Index offers a way out for punters who are fed up of losing money with the bookmakers every weekend. Football Index is gambling, just like if you invested money into Stocks & Shares. However, the thing that we really love about Football Index, is that you can never lose your whole stake. Players can gain and lose value, but they can never lose their full market value, meaning you can’t lose out. It is gambling, but it’s nothing like placing a bet with a bookmaker, such as BET365.

Multiple Ways to Profit

There are multiple ways to profit from Football Index & Your bet isn’t over when the final whistle blows. You can hold a player for 3 years before selling.

Capital Appreciation
If your player becomes 'In Demand', his price will naturally increase.
In-Play Dividends
Earn money when your player Scores, Assists or keeps a Clean Sheet.
Match Day Dividends
Earn a Dividend when your player performs well according to OPTA stats.
Media Dividends
A dividend you can earn when your player dominates the News Headlines.

Ready to Join?

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a New Player Promotion. This is one of the best promotions I have seen, having signed up at pretty much all the mainstream bookmakers.

Register & any losses upto £500 will be refunded, during the first 7 days of your account opening.

It’s one of the best offers going because it gives you a huge opportunity to make some money risk free, but it’s also a great incentive to learn how the markets work, without losing any money at all.

What is Football Index?

Football Index is the new way to trade. As you have learned above, Football Index offers players the ability to buy and sell shares in footballers.

Is Football Index risk free?

Is Football Index Risk Free?

For the first 7 days, Football Index is Risk Free. However, you cannot play with ‘demo funds’, you must use your own money. It is classed as a gambling product, which means it’s not Risk Free beyond the Promotional Period.

How is Football Index different from Bookmakers?

There is no comparison between bookmakers and football index.

For example, if you bet on Man Utd and they lose, your complete stake is lost & the bet is completed.

If you invest £20 to buy 5 shares of Messi, but he drops 5p in price, that’s only a 25p loss! There is no way that you can lose your full stake, unless something rare happens such as a sudden death of a player. This has actually occurred on the Index, with Emiliano Sala, multiple traders were refunded, so it’s good to see that Football Index are willing to step in when extreme circumstances crop up.

What is Media Buzz?

Media Buzz is a way to make money from footballers that you currently own in your portfolio.

Media Buzz is scored by tallying up articles by the Top Publishers such as Talksport and also newspapers. Each article is scored independently, based on how positive the story is.

At 23:59 each night, the scores are tallied up for that day, the player with the most points will then be eligible for a dividend payout. This will be paid into your account if you are eligible.

Note, you must purchase a player before 14:00 in order to receive a Media Buzz payout for that day. Any existing bets before 14:00 will also be valid.

What is Match Day Dividends?

The second method of earning money by dividends is Match Day Dividends.

There are 4 Match Day Dividends available for you to make money. This is split into player positions, so you get one for Top Defender, Top Midfielder, Top Forward. There is also a dividend rewarded to the Overall Star.

The Overall Star is the player who has built up the highest overall number of points. This can be a player from any position, whereas the Top Defender can only be won by a defender.

It is possible to win what’s called a ‘Full House’ on the Football Index, earning dividends from all possible positions, plus Top Star and Media Buzz. This isn’t very often I’ll admit, but when it occurs, your bankroll will take a healthy increase.

How does Trading affect the Share Prices?

Trading activity is something which directly influences share price, as if a large number of players are sold, the price will ultimately decrease. If a large number of shares are purchased, the price will increase.

If a trader sees another trader pile money into a footballer, they may think that there’s some kind of ‘inside knowledge’ trading occurring, this will then snowball onto hundreds of traders causing a mass increase!

If 900 shares in a player are purchased, the player will increase in price by £0.01. This means that if 900 are sold, he would drop by £0.01.

You can buy 300 shares in a single transaction, but there are no restrictions for how many maximum shares you can hold at one time.

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Do you lose the players after the football match finishes?

Nope! The players that you add to your portfolio can be sold anytime, but you won't lose them at all.

Shares expire 3 years after they are purchased, but you get plenty of notice from Football Index regarding that.

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