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Football Index Beginners Guide

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Football index beginners guide


Football index guide


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Football Index is the worlds first football stock market, offering a completely new way to trade. Members can buy and sell shares in Football players for a profit.

To get started with Football Index, I have written an in-depth review which can be accessed here

It’s an innovating platform, which will allow Football Fans to profit from their knowledge of the beautiful game. This guide will explain how it works, it also includes a Referral Link where you have the option to claim £500 Risk Free when you register.

Since Football Index began, it’s been impossible not to make money. The early adopters will undoubtedly be in profit, as they will have purchased players at a lower price.

A New Approach to Online Gambling

Football Index offers a way out for punters who are fed up of losing money with the bookmakers every weekend. Football Index is gambling, just like if you invested money into Stocks & Shares. However, the thing that we really love about Football Index, is that you can never lose your whole stake. Players can gain and lose value, but they can never lose their full market value, meaning you can’t lose out. It is gambling, but it’s nothing like placing a bet with a bookmaker, such as BET365.

Multiple Ways to Profit

There are multiple ways to profit from Football Index & Your bet isn’t over when the final whistle blows. You can hold a player for 3 years before selling.
  • Capital Appreciation. If your player becomes ‘In Demand’, his price will naturally increase.

  • Match Day Dividends. Earn a Dividend when your player performs well according to OPTA stats.

  • In-Play Dividends. Earn money when your player Scores, Assists or keeps a Clean Sheet.

  • Media Dividends. A dividend you can earn when your player dominates the News Headlines.

Performance Buzz – Explained

If players in your portfolio perform well, they will win you Cash Dividends. The amount they win depends on how many games are being played on that day.

The best Defender, Midfielder & Forward will win dividends, with additional dividends being paid out to the Overall Star Player.

Football Index have recently Doubled Performance Buzz Dividend Payouts, as pictured here.

This is a fantastic addition from Football Index, previously there would be no performance payouts at all… it was Media Dividends only!

Media Buzz – Explained

Media Buzz gives your player an additional avenue to earn dividends. It focuses on Media Attention, so if your player is regularly in the spotlight, there’s a great chance you’ll be banking dividends.

Articles are scored based on their headlines, so if they are full of praise they will be high up the leaderboards.

Only the Top 200 players can earn dividends, so it’s a fairly reduced pool.

What’s worth mentioning is that Neymar, Pogba or Messi are the most popular buzz winners. It’s more predictable than you’d think!

You can win by placing in the top 3 of the Media Buzz, however this is reduced to First Place only when a Performance Buzz dividend day is occuring

How are Players Prices Determined?

Media Buzz is the original way to earn dividends. This time, players that have many articles posted about them will win the dividends. It’s set on a scoring system which means the more positive the article, the more points they will score.

It’s hard to predict day to day, but the ‘Top’ players generally have most stories written about them. During transfer window periods, it depends on which players a club may want to sign.

Since Performance Buzz has been introduced, there has been many factors which can increase a players share price. For example, if there’s a low priced player around 80p a share consistently earning dividends, he will be sure to rise as a dividend is worth around 8% ROI at that price! Performance has a big impact, and dividends are payable to the top leagues.

News and gossip stories also cause big movements, as all traders want to get in on that player before his meteoric rise in value!

The final key factor which will cause a change is the traders themselves! If they start piling lots of money into a player, it will increase.

What’s the Perfect Strategy?

There is no perfect strategy, as traders have to adapt to ensure they make consistent profits. The main aim being to buy low & sell high, try not to hold on to futures for too long as although the player is showing profit, ultimately until that player is sold it’s not profit in my opinion. 

Another key factor is to spread your risk, as if you use all of your trading bankroll on one player, you aren’t only limiting your potential dividends payouts, you are also risking an injury or bad form causing your bankroll to take a knock.

Ready to Join?

You’ve read the Football Index Guide, now take a look at our Football Index review, which details every aspect from Signing Up, to buying players. 

When you register at Football Index, you can claim a New Player Promotion. This is one of the best promotions I have seen, having signed up at pretty much all the mainstream bookmakers.

Register & any losses upto £500 will be refunded, during the first 7 days of your account opening.

It’s one of the best offers going because it gives you a huge opportunity to make some money risk free, but it’s also a great incentive to learn how the markets work, without losing any money at all.