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Football Index Guide:

The Ultimate Beginners Tutorial

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What is Football Index?

If you’re excited to learn about Football Index, but currently not too sure what it is, or how it works, this post has you completely covered.

Football Index is a stockmarket, allowing you to buy shares in football players all over the world. It’s a betting product, but it’s a great combination of Betting Exchanges & fantasy football. With the additional opportunity to cash in from your football knowledge, it makes Football Index a fantastic platform.

We understand that Football Index may be confusing, as it’s a completely new platform in the betting market. One thing we know for sure, once you’ve tried it… you will love it.

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My Results on Football Index

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Earning Money on Football Index

There are quite a few ways to make money on Football Index. 

  • Match day dividends
  • Media Dividends
  • In play dividends
  • Trading Profit (Selling Higher than you Purchased a Player)

Your aim when playing Football Index will be to buy players that you think will earn dividends. It’s important at this point to understand the dividends, but we’ve got that covered below.

How to Play Football Index

As we’ve already mentioned, Football Index is a gambling platform. However, it’s not like bookmakers where your bets only last for 90 minutes. 

Football Index is a long term bet, as you can Buy shares in players and keep holding them for upto three years. 

It’s a real money game, where you must deposit money in order to play. You can’t lose more than you deposit.

Once you’ve registered at Football Index, you’ll be able to search the market to find players which you may want to purchase. 

Do you have good football knowledge? If so, you might be able to find a Youth Player which is currently undervalued, with the potential to sell for a profit later.

Before you purchase shares in  a player, it’s important to understand exactly what drives prices. 

For example, currently, Mason Greenwood is £9.60, but Lionel Messi is almost half the price at £5.

We are going to take you through all of this, explaining exactly what drives prices.

What Drives Prices?

There are multiple things which drives prices on Football Index. However, the main thing is Dividend Earning Potential. Extra things include general hype around a player, his potential ability or if he’s going to get a transfer to a bigger club.

Mason Greenwood has recently exploded on Football Index. He’s in fine form, but here’s why his price risen:

  • Hype around Man Utd. Ex-Players such as Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney & Solskjaer saying he’s already an elite striker. 
  • He’s achieved considerable Media Buzz
  • He’s Young, but forcing his way into the Man Utd Squad.

Lionel Messi isn’t as favourable a price. It seems crazy that a Ballon D’or Winner is half the price of a Wonderkid… but here’s why:

  • Barcelona have played poor all season, which offers less Media Opportunities.
  • Lionel Messi is 32 years old… how much longer does he have left?
  • There’s no Hype for his potential ability.

So as you can see, there’s more than one thing which can cause a players price to rise or fall.

The general sentiment of Football Index is currently focused towards Youth, England International players. This is ear-marked by the fact Jadon Sancho is the most expensive player on Football Index, at £13.82 per share.

Earning Dividends on Football Index

Earning Dividends are the main reason why you decide to purchase a player. There may be other cases, such as wanting the Capital Appreciation from a Youth Player. 

Dividends are the daily payouts that you can earn from your portfolio. There’s multiple payouts which can be won, this keeps Football Index very interesting.

You can earn money from your players on the pitch performance, but also if he gets lots of Media Attention. 

Dividends are guaranteed to be paid every single day, offering lucrative return on investments. 

We have four types of Dividends, which I will explain now.

Match Day Dividends Guide

This is the post popular form of dividend, but it’s also the easiest to explain!

Football Index work with Performance Analytics Giants “Opta”, who evaluate player performances during a game and allocate them points. 

Football Index work with them to allocate each player points, for actions they take on a pitch. Let’s say they score a goal, that’s 45 points.

The player with the most points for their position, will finish as winners on the Match Day Rankings, being paid dividends for their fantastic performance.

There’s a payout available for every position, meaning that a Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder & Forward will all win a dividend payout.

What makes it even more interesting is that the player with the highest overall score on that day, will earn the coveted STAR PLAYER dividend.

How much Dividends do they Earn?

The payouts will depend upon Number of football matches which take place on a Match Day. Football Index have categorised these into Three Different segments, Bronze, Silver & Gold Match Days.

Match Day Payouts Football Index Guide

Goalkeeper payouts are Brand New for the 2020-21 season, so make sure you purchase some great goalkeepers, to be in with a chance of earning this dividend!

Gold Match Days are the most attractive, due to the huge payouts… but remember this means there will be even more players competing for that Illustrious dividend!

Bronze Matches are seen as under-rated, as it’s much easier to predict which player will come away with the dividend… but it is the lower payout of the three.

Competitions Eligible for Match Day

Match Day Dividends aren’t valid for every league, such as the Russian Leagues etc… However they do have all of the Main European Leagues covered.

This includes the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Seria A. 

They also cover the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup & International European Championships.


There’s also a few extra rules that you must know regarding Match Day Payouts

  • The deadline to Purchase a player and earn dividends for the same day is 16:00 UK Time.
  • Match Day Dividends are paid our between 09:00 and 11:00 the following morning
  • There’s a 1.25x multiplier for Champions League & Europa League Matches
  • Transfer Window Dividends (Transfer Window Specific Dividend)
  • If two players score equal points, the youngest player earns the dividend.

Media Dividends Guide

Media Buzz Score Explained Football Index

Football Index use News Headlines from 20 media sources, scanning each one for player names. 

When a Football player gets mentioned, they will earn points. The player with the most points at the end of the day, will earn the Media Dividend payout.

When there’s no football matches being played, Three Players will win Media Dividends.

When Football is being played, the single highest scorer earns the payout.

The Newsfeeds which are monitored are:

Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

Football Index Guide Media Dividends Payouts

Football Index pay more out for Media on a non-match day, due to them not having to pay out positional Match Day Rankings.

It’s quite often the same players which win Media Dividends, which you will also notice when you register. It’s a good way to take advantage of this dividend, but those players are already at a premium price.

There’s also a few rules regarding Media Buzz which it’s important to understand:

  • The players full name must be in the article. If an article said ‘Rashford scores a stunning goal to earn Man Utd a victory’, this would not score any media ranking points.
  • Football Index grab the headlines from the RSS Feeds, they must be on the outlets RSS Feed to be able to earn a Media Score.
  • Articles vary in points, they aren’t all scored the same amount. It’s done using Positive Sentiment Analysis. It’s quite boring, but you can read more here.
  • If there’s a points tie for Media Buzz, the footballer with the latest story wll earn the Media Dividend payout.
  • The deadline for purchasing is 16:00, with dividends paid out the following day between 09:00-11:00.

Media Dividends are quite entertaining. One day, a goalkeeper could be leading buzz due to a howler, but the next day it could be something like Mario Balotelli setting fireworks off, in his own bathroom!

Football Index wasn’t around for the Balotelli days, but the funniest we’ve seen so far is Paul Pogba journalists specific obsession with his varied hairstyles.

In Play Dividends Guide

Football Index love giving out dividends!

In addition to all of the above dividends, they’ve also introduced In-Play Dividends. 

For the first 30 days that you own a share on Football Index, you’ll receive payouts every time your player scores a goal, assists or keeps a clean sheet.

The 30 day limit starts from the point that you purchase the player, but there is no deadline… so you can purchase a player up until midnight and earn his in-play dividends. 

If you’ve spotted a player that’s scored a hat-trick, you can still buy shares after his team have played… but you’ll still earn the dividend!

In Play Dividends are allowed on the same leagues as Match Day Rankings.

The main rules regarding in play dividends are:

  • There is no deadline, so you can purchase once a players already scored goals etc.
  • The day that you purchase the share counts as Day 1. You have 29 extra days worth of IPD. This is calendar days, not 29 match days.

In play dividends football index guide

Team of the Month Guide: The Newest Dividend

The latest update of Football Index introduced Team of the Month. We were waiting for this!

At the end of each month, an extra dividend will be paid out to the Top 3 Forwards, 4 Midfielders, 3 Defenders and 1 goalkeeper.

It’s best to think of this TOTM Payout as a 3-4-3 Formation.

Team of the month football index guide

The players which will earn a spot in the Team of the Month, will be players that have scored the highest scores from all eligible matches.

A players Top 3 Match Day scores will be counted towards their total. 

This means that if a player scored 250, 250, 250, & 150… he would score 750 points. 

Only the 3 highest scores are counted.

It’s a fantastic payout that will properly reward players that regularly hit high scores. 

The highest scoring player will take a £0.10 dividend, which is a fantastic payout. 

There are a few rules which it’s good to ensure you know before you get started with TOTM:

  • It’s not taken from a monthly average, it’s taken from peak scores.
  • In case of a points tie, the Younger Player is ranked higher.
  • It’s a full term dividend, unlike IPD’s you won’t need to keep buying and selling to earn this payout.
  • Football Index update the Daily Standings for Team of the Month on their website & on Twitter.

Buying a Player

Now you’ve taken in all of the information about Football Index, you can actually get started and look for a player to purchase.

Football Index have recently announced their Matching Engine, which allows traders to bid for players at the price they want to.

Simply search for the player you want to purchase, choosing how many shares you want to purchase. 

Note, we have the option to purchase, or we can make a bid.

Purchasing Ronaldo would immediately add him to your portfolio at £3.09.

Let’s explain the benefits and drawbacks of these.

Football Index Guide buying a player

If you decide to make a bid for Ronaldo:

  • There’s no guarantee that anybody will sell him to you.
  • His price could increase, before your bid has been matched. This means you’ve missed out on profit.
  • You may be required to wait a long time for your bid to be accepted. It all depends on Supply & Demand.
  • There’s a bid zone, so in this example the minimum bid you can place is £2.40. 

Selling a Player

There are two options with the Football Index platform. You can either sell your shares to the highest bidder, or add them to the market at their highest value.

Which is best?

You will earn more money by adding your player to the market, however, you can’t ever be sure how long it will take for another trader to purchase your shares.

If you decide to sell to the highest bidder, the player would be sold instantly. 

Note, the instant selling option will always be at a lower rate, as traders often place bids so they can make a better profit margin.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have a few questions about Football Index which hasn’t been covered above. I’ll do my best to answer the most asked ones below.

Football Index can currently be accessed by customers in the UK, Ireland & New Zealand. They are working actively to add new territories, which is their priority for growth.

You can make money on Football Index. Lots of traders specialise in their Youth Knowledge, but there’s multiple ways to play the Football Stockmarket.

Football Index is a Gambling Platform, which are exempt from paying taxes.

Spotted a Special Youngster not yet on the Index? Football Index announce their new players via IPO’s. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest talent emerging.

Football Index is not a scam. Players are valued based upon their Dividend Potential.

Football Index have multiple avenues to earn money. They earn 2% from every single sale, with a further 2% commission from buy bids arriving once the product is on NASDAQ.

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