Football Index : 4th Birthday Deposit Bonus

4 Years of Success

I’m now 25 years old, but feel like Football Index is one of the first words I ever learnt to say. It’s oddly a fine line between being obsessed with the product, or addicted to it.

Its changed my life and thousands of other traders also. You don’t need to be an elite trader, as getting involved with the product early means you will benefit as the platform grows.

I’ve only been involved for the last 2 years, made plenty of mistakes and still managed to make money. I’d go as far as to saying that anybody that has been a member for over 12 months will be 10 to 15 percent up.

A huge success.

I dont think football Index are anywhere near finished yet, which is one of the main reasons I’m keeping my money inside the platform.

You get so much more back from using Football Index, something which a bookmaker could never offer. (I’ll allow the counter argument here though, that there’s nothing as exhilarating than placing an accumulator bet). Maybe this is where Footstock can take a position?



There has been anticipation, or even expectation of a deposit bonus since traders know the rough date that Football Index celebrate their birthdays.

Why expectation? Let’s be honest Football Index do tend to have the track record of keeping all of us traders sweet.

This anticipation has led to a bit of a downturn on 2 fronts, the trading platform itself and the trwdersb who are the frontline of the community (Twitter, Index gain & forums).

There has been a downturn on the markets due to traders withdrawing money for the upcoming bonus. This is a decision made by traders to cash out their portfolio, ready to put it all back (getting a bonus for doing so). This is an easy decision on paper, but will cost you on commission for selling the players you currently hold, plus you rely on a deposit bonus to be announced.

Some traders have cashed out their money, however Football Index haven’t announced any promotions. This has led to tension, as they’ve sold positions and paid commission (they’ve taken a big risk) for nothing.

With no bonus on the horizon and players prices falling, this leads us to point 2, tension in the community.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus has actually been announced now, and it seems that all is great again on all fronts

Player prices are increasing, as most trading accounts are depositing as much money as they can afford, to get a £1,000 bonus with no wagering.

As prices increase, traders get happier and it resolves all tension in the community. There’s still some bitterness on the time line, but you’d be lying if you said you saw someone with a 6 figure portfolio and didn’t wish you’d found the Index sooner!

This is the bookmaker revolution! It may take a few more years yet to properly penetrate the gambling market, but the deposit bonus has already proved there’s plenty of customers who have the utmost faith in the product.

Going forward I’d like to some core issues ironed out, the biggest one being an issue I’ve probably taken advantage of. MEDIA BUZZ.

Is it fair for one player to have 2 eligible names, whilst another doesn’t track because the article is missing the accent in the surname? Or instead of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang, the article simply uses his surname?

As I say, I’m currently taking advantage of this myself, but to make the platform more simplistic for new users, id prefer an equal system.

You can’t please everyone though, which is part of the problem for FI. Us traders have purchased players with the current rules in place, so to change them could cause further uproar.

Where do you stand on this?

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