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Defenders for Performance Buzz

How does a Defender earn Performance Buzz Points?

Take a look at the Opta Scoring System below as you can see the points are favourable towards goal scorers, winning players and players who assist their teammates.
To me, this immediately means that you will want to be looking at the Left Backs & Right Backs, as they tend to be the ones flying up the pitch.
Points can be gained for most positive play, however I’m looking at the minus points scoring & I can see a problem here.
Points can be lost for losing possession, fouling, getting booked, losing the game & scoring own goals.

The best chance of success here is to buy Defenders who have minimal defensive duties, so they have minimal chance of dropping points, but have every chance of scoring/assisting so they are able to pick up the maximum points possible.

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What Defenders are best for Performance Buzz?

As above, the best type of defenders are those who are going to be bombing forward. You will want to look towards a player which plays for a top team, there can be many benefits such as:

  • The team should hold possession well and dominate the game, scoring points for Passing, shots on target and crossing.
  • The Team should win, scoring points for winning. You may also get points for scoring/assisting
  • The team should keep a clean sheet, earning points for this.

Defenders I have in mind for this are: Marcelo, Alaba, Alex Sandro & Kyle Walker.

My second line of players would consist of: John Stones, Eric Bailly, Sergio Ramos & Dani Alves. These are in my second list as they are higher risk, not playing 90 mins every weekend or at risk of getting booked more.

What Defenders stand less chance of earning buzz dividends?

All defenders share an equal chance of winning performance buzz, all Defenders start with zero points so it’s completely fair.

However, there are defenders which stand considerably less chance of winning due to the scoring system.

The reasoning being:

  • Extra Points are scored for winning games, meaning if you hold players from lower positioned teams, West Ham, Newcastle, Brighton etc, you have less chance of achieving these extra points as they won’t be expected to win every week.
  • Extra points are scored for achieved for keeping a clean sheet. Again, if you use a team from lower down the table, they will have considerably less chance of keeping a clean sheet.
  • Points are also deducted for conceding goals & losing games, meaning not only do you miss out on extra points, you will lose points.

It doesn’t seem like lots of points lost, but it can be the difference between winning dividends or not.

I would avoid players from teams in the bottom half of the league, teams like Brighton, Huddersfield and Watford will be too risky long term as they don’t offer us any consistent potential dividend payouts.

If you compare a defender from a top team such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG and so on, you will see that the average performance buzz scores are higher for Better teams. The better teams often win games, so pick up extra points along the way.

Is a certain position best to buy?

This is a difficult one to answer… as we can’t guarantee who will be a winner.

We have already established that you need to pick a player from a top team, but now let’s go deeper into Player Position Analysis. What’s best then? Left Back, Centre Back or Right Back?

From our analysis, we believe that you are best to look towards defenders which will be regularly involved in the build up play. Naturally, this takes us to the Wing Back positions, as those are the positions which play highest up the field. A Central Defenders main role in the game is to break up the oppositions attack, before giving it to a playmaker. Wing backs are the players that will bomb forward, before attempting to cross the ball in.

Now, this is where it can get a little tricky. Some Centre Backs are utilised as Ball Playing Defenders, these are centre backs which will push up to the middle of the pitch, often running past the central midfielders. Ball Playing Defenders will rack up points as they make so many successful passes and assists, but they also aren’t afraid of getting in the box and scoring!

The best Wing Backs to purchase are: Alex Sandro, Dani Alves, Marcos Alonso & Kyle Walker.

The best Centre backs to purchase are: John Stones, Thiago Silva, Sergio Ramos & Leonardo Bonucci.

Note, every one of these players are at ‘TOP’ clubs.

My Performance Buzz Defender Recommendations

These are just predictions, based on performances since the beginning of performance buzz.

Here I will list my Top 3 defender investments for Football Index. I am deciding this based on their potential dividend returns.

For the first place, I chose John Stones

  • He is a centre back who plays as a ball playing defender. He has been pivotal to Man City’s success during the start of the season, achieving the highest Performance Buzz score yet, out of all players on the index. He has scored well consistently.
  • He plays in a strong Man City side, which will score many goals, dominating games. This gives him a great chance to achieve the maximum points possible on a regular basis.
  • Man City will be expected to win most of their games. This means that there is reduced chance that Stones will be deducted points for a loss, not keeping a clean sheet and so on.
  • He offers media buzz potential as he’s part of the English National Team.

My Next Choice is Dani Alves

  • Dani Alves sometimes plays as a Winger, although he’s classed as a wing back. He will pick up many points for earning corners, crossing etc.
  • Playing as a wing back means he will be able to earn more points as most of the time, he will be in the attacking half.
  • I chose Alves as although he’s getting older, he is playing with a great team in a poor league. I will be surprised if they don’t dominate most league games they play.

The Final choice is Alex Sandro

  • Alex Sandro has all that Dani Alves does, but is 7 years younger. This makes him a better, long term investment.
  • He plays in a similar role to Dani Alves, which is why Juventus scored freely last season with both Wing Backs bombing forward.
  • He offers media buzz potential as he’s linked with a move to Chelsea.

Can you guarantee a Defender performance buzz win?

If you could, I would be a very rich man! On a serious note, no you cannot. With a little expertise & analysis, you can understand players which offer the best value, enabling you to find the best investment.

There will be a time when a completely disregarded player may win the buzz payout, as sometimes players can put in a crazy performance, but long term, if you follow statistics you will be better off long term.

Who are your top picks for Performance Buzz?

As above, Alex Sandro, John Stones & Dani Alves. This may change in time though, it will be fun to look back and see this!

Can a player win Media and performance buzz?

Indeed, if a player from your portfolio has a fantastic game, the media will be creating lots of stories, so you have every chance of winning both Performance Buzz and Media buzz dividends. The best case scenario would be winning the Star Player, Top position & media dividends, bringing a payout of around 20p a share!

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