£ 30 Cashback Offer or Bonus

How to claim cashback

  1. Claiming your Football index cashback couldn’t be easier, simply fill out the form below.
  2. Register using a link on our site, the get £500 offer above works.
  3. You must make a minimum first deposit of £40.
  4. You must also spend a minimum of £20 buying players for your portfolio.
  5. Leave it to us, we will then track the registration & send the money to your account (PayPal).
  6. For Added Security, you can copy the Referral code and include this in the below form.

RegisteredNot Yet Registered

  • Note, if you were to cancel your account and claim the refund from Football Index, you would NOT be eligible for the cashback deal.
  • If you deposit £10, then another £10 to round it up to £20, this will NOT track for cashback. 
  • The £500 Risk Free Trade option cannot be combined with my cashback promotion. (Any £500 Refund claims then cancel the cashback claim)

  • Please allow up to 7 days for your Cashback claim to be tracked and paid to your account.
  • The first deposit must be a minimum of £40 and you must spend a minimum of £40 on buying player shares/futures.
  • Clicking the link placed on our site generates a referral link when you register for Football Index, please do not manipulate this code or remove it, as it will lead to cashback not being paid.
  • Avoid using adblockers as this can prevent the link tracking.
  • You must click the link and register at that time, as the referral code is stored in the ‘click’.
  • You must be a new customer, registering to football index. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any claims that are fraudulent.
  • This promotion cannot be ‘stacked’, so you cannot claim this promotion and the 7 Day Trade offer advertised by Football Index. If you do cancel your account and request a refund from Football Index, this removes your eligibility for cashback.
  • Read this Football Index Review to learn how the platform works.
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Football Index Cashback

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